Interactive Web Response is a proprietary solution developed by C3 Labs that integrates data, communication channels, and delivery options to help drive sales, service, and self-service for leading brands across a variety of industries.

Interactive Web Response

C3 Labs is the segment of C3 responsible for creating, incubating, and beta-testing new and innovative technologies and solutions. The purpose of this group is to provide added value to C3 clients who trust C3 to stay in front of trends in customer communication channels, contact center technologies, and optimization solutions. The primary goal of C3 Labs is to drive service and sales performance objectives, as well as incubate concepts that can potentially drive efficiency and performance optimization across every aspect of service delivery.

Using the latest technology in multi-modal collection and analytics, Interactive Web Response™ combines relevant customer and historical session data to deliver a consistent and seamless brand experience. This helps C3 clients gain greater efficiency in managing customer contacts via their website without sacrificing quality. C3 provides a variety of customer front end IWR interfaces, ranging from standard chat interfaces to fully animated, voice synchronized or modulated avatars. Using any of the interface options, C3 knows when to engage customers, and how to communicate with them once the dialogue begins. The customer, in turn, can choose to communicate with the avatar, for example, using whichever communications channel they are most comfortable. For example, a customer may choose to communicate with the avatar using a self-service mode similar to searching a knowledge base or online FAQ, or may choose to engage via Email, Chat, directly online through Direct Speech, or even in a Social Media setting.

In summary, IWR provides C3 with the ability to voice enable customers’ web environments, utilizing either automated responses powered by a C3 managed knowledgebase or direct dialogue with a C3 customer representative. To ensure complete customer satisfaction when the interaction becomes complicated, the interaction can migrate to a live agent behind the scenes, with the avatar (or other front) still serving as the communication conduit with the customer.

The IWR platform will support any web enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and cellular phones