C3i is a proven, proprietary business intelligence tool from C3 Performance Analytics that delivers an unmatched business performance view across every critical metric.


Built based on the Microsoft Power BI platform, partners ply a 360-degree dive with interactive dashboards, actionable intelligence, cross-team and multi-platform collaboration – all capitalizing on 60 data connectors. It’s easy to learn, simple to use, and proven to deliver.

CHAMPS, an innovative product produced by C3I, is a first of its kind performance management and coaching platform that provides a meaningful solution to multiple pain points in agent performance and coaching.

Key benefits include:

  • Automated Performance Reporting
  • Online access for both Agents and Supervisors to review real-time performance data
  • Scorecards based on key KPIs and weightages provide proactive potential incentive calculations
  • A centralized repository of all coaching sessions and relevant information

The platform not only provides an executive level view of the coaching effectiveness, it also enables supervisors, coaches and agents to quickly and efficiently manage and improve performance daily. CHAMPS provides a summary of performance, agent rankings, and goal achievement dashboards that are used in leadership planning sessions to further improve the customer experience.