From seasonal call spikes to customer traffic increases resulting from sales or special offers, brick-and-mortar and online retailers often face a deluge of calls that can over whelm customer contact facilities and sour customer satisfaction.

Consumer Goods / Retail

C3’s Retail Markets offering brings the capacity, discipline and experience needed to manage heightened volumes – seamlessly, efficiently and professionally. Our agents are trained and versed in client products and offers. Our systems switch call loads with no delay evident to the customer. Our analytics track traffic and measure key factors to ensure the contact was handled to client expectations. Deep executive involvement, an innovative, solutions based approach, and our culture of creativity deliver unparalleled results.

Whether brought in to respond to unexpected call volumes, or contracted in advance to help plan for and manage recurring traffic flow, C3 is the traditional and virtual retailer’s partner in controlling chaotic situations and maximizing the lifetime value of each customer.