The world is fast becoming a highly technical place to live – and operate. C3/CustomerContactChannels’ technical support outsourcing helps customers navigate this confusing world and allows clients to focus on their core competencies.

Technical Support

Our set of scalable technical support solutions is custom designed help customers troubleshoot the most common or most perplexing issues – and deliver simple, insightful remedies to every customer query.

How do we do this? By hand-selecting tech-smart agents, then training them in both C3/CustomerContactChannels’ methodology, as well as our Fortune 500 and Global 1000 clients’ own technology and solutions. What’s more, we cross train agents and knowledge share throughout the organization. The result is delivery of industry-specific, multi-tiered support with varying levels of complexity.

Our agents, managers and engineers are trained to deliver all levels of support – from Tier 1 escalating through Tier 3 and higher. C3/CustomerContactChannels can field customer queries by phone interactions, Web communications solutions, Email, Click to Chat, Click to Talk, and Web self-service.

By relying upon C3/CustomerContactChannels for customer technical support, our clients receive highly reliable solutions in any global market. We help reduce costs associated with tech support and improve operational performance and bottom line results.