C3 Labs is the segment of C3 responsible for creating, incubating, and beta-testing new and innovative technologies and solutions.


C3 Labs: Innovations That Matter

Pushing the limits of technology to create game-changing customer service solutions is mission critical at C3. Many of those innovations are conceived and developed in C3 Labs, now Powered by our partnership with Microsoft.  C3 Labs are located in Las Vegas, NV and Manila and marry C3’s domain expertise in Customer Management with the powerful innovations that Microsoft is developing at a rapid pace.

C3 Labs puts into motion the pursuit of our primary mission of “Helping Human Beings Helping Human Beings.” Every solution developed at C3 Labs turns the latest digital technology into your power tool to energize the customer experience.  Our analytic dashboards, Robotic Process Automation, and chat bots put the power in your hands. You gain real-time insights never before realized and that improve efficiencies, automate rote chores, and even coach your Experience Champions to better outcomes.

Leveraging the innovative technologies borne in C3 Labs elevates your returns and transforms your customers into FANS. This is the future of connecting with your customers – available now from C3 Labs.

C3 Labs Innovations: Agility Meets Ability

C3 Labs resides at the leading edge of customer contact evolution. Our innovations improve your Experience Champions’ agility and ability to respond to every call and make your organization a remarkable and trusted partner in the customers experience journey.

We do this one market-changing innovation at a time.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA delivers immediate ROI. RPA software works with existing applications to turn rote chores into streamlined process automation that elevates your Experience Champions’ capabilities. Increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and accelerate project turn-around time with an always-on solution that always delivers.

C3i Analytics. You need insights. C3i is your “data on demand” lens into the customer mind. Powered by Microsoft Power BI, our dashboards provide real-time business intelligence, unmatched business performance analytics, and actionable insights into the voice and mood of your customers. Tapping more than 60 data connectors provides unparalleled insights into the customer experience, you get a 360-degree view – right now. No need to order, collect, collate, or configure data – or wait for the next scheduled report. User-friendly for immediate implementation, the single-source report is streamed directly to the dashboard and available for service supervisors who need it – when they need it most.

“Ana” the C3 Chat Bot. Part coach, part avatar, Ana sits atop an existing call system to deliver dynamic and powerful AI functionality. Years in development, C3’s chat bot translates voice to text to monitor customer calls for 2,000 pre-set words reflecting real-time sentiment and that impact various quality indicators. You are empowered to directly address issues affecting Net Promoter Scores and customer satisfaction. What’s the call’s “temperature”? If a customer says a keyword like “frustrated” or “unhappy” or “dissatisfied,” Ana can engage an agent or supervisor to fully and immediately resolve the issue. Ana’s just the partner your Experience Champions need to perform at their best and turn customers into Fans.