C3 | CustomerContactChannels – Transforming Engagements into Experiences and Customers into Fans.


C3|CustomerContactChannels pioneered a generation ago the deliberate transformation of prospects and customers, recruits and employees into deeply loyal and engaged FANS of our clients’ brands.

Since the Company’s inception, C3 has focused itself on being ‘different’ than any other provider in the BPO industry. In December of 2016, the Company was acquired by Singapore-based investment company, Everise. Exclusively focused on investments in the BPO industry, Everise set the goal of transforming C3 into a complete global experience company that is disrupting the way BPO’s view the management of customer interactions. This is where the goal of attaining FAN status was born.

C3 focuses on not just satisfying clients, but delighting them. For our clients’ customers, C3 believes that success will not be met until we convert our clients’ customers from happy or satisfied into super-FANs.

Hand-picked employee recruits are trained in our proprietary Contact Center solutions, ensuring they become the most skilled Customer Experience Champions in the marketplace. Each is empowered and confident to skillfully raise your bar for customer service. The best of the best Experience Champions often become the next generation of managers, supervisors, even executives across each market C3 calls its own.

Thought Leadership

At C3, we believe that thought leadership needs to be pervasive throughout the entire organization. We are not afraid to be the pioneers of new ways of thinking, new ways of doing, and new ways of delivering experiences worthy of FAN status. This premise is instilled in every employee we hire and train and every leader we promote, and is present in our Company’s daily way of life.

The structure of the organization has been set up to quickly execute the ideas, providing the speed and agility necessary for thought leadership to create timely and meaningful impact for our clients. Our C3 Digital Lab team members work tirelessly to incubate products, services, and ideas that can elevate the customer experience we deliver. Process enhancements are quickly actioned across the enterprise as we have set up cross-functional communication streams to allow for an efficient flow of ideas.