Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

C3/CustomerContactChannels manages customer contacts, even when customers are not contacting you directly. Feedback through emerging social media channels is becoming increasingly more important for leading brands to hear.  Whether it is a customer compliment or complaint, companies need the tools to listen.


C3 uses a veriety of techniques and channnels to tell clients what their customers are saying.


  • Aggregate what is being said through all social media channels.
  • Monitoring provided in a variety of languages.
  • In-house proprietary tools managed by our team of professional experts.


Blog’s – RSS – Message Boards

  • Monitor Blog sites to see what customers are saying about you goods and services.
  • Monitor what is being said about the executives or management of your company.
  • Monitor “leaks” of company secrets from current or past employees.
  • Monitor relevant RSS – Real Simple Syndication – News/Blog Feeds.
  • Monitor Real time feeds for all types of information – Positive and Negative.
  • Monitor alerts and media for possible negative or positive news.
  • Help capitalize on positive online chatter for marketing purposes.

Proactive Engagment

Knowing what to do with this information is the difference between success and failure.  C3's dedicated team of Social Media gurus are hand selected based on their understanding of social media channels.  Our gurus operate transparently to your customers by stricly adhering to brand standards and guidelines.