A Global Solution

The home-based workplace is a global trend with significant business benefits. With more than 25 million Americans working from home – and millions more doing so around the world – companies have tapped into this under-utilized service sector. C3/CustomerContactChannels successfully has led the way home. We have helped our contact center clients ramp up on short notice with a stable, skilled and ready workforce prepared to professionally handle daily call flow – and unexpected or seasonal traffic spikes. Well screened, then trained with C3’s rigorous Sales Boot Camp and versed in the subtleties of working professionally from a home office, our home-based agents deliver the results our clients have come to expect from C3. C3@Home opens new markets, crosses borders, and eliminates recruiting boundaries. With deep executive involvement, experience in the home-based market, and a culture of creative collaboration and project executive, we help our clients stay nimble in the face of keen competition. C3@Home embodies our commitment to value-based client service – and keeps your customers well served.