Press Room

22 Feb 2018

Everise Holdings to partner with Microsoft to disrupt the Business Process Outsourcing Industry with AI Platform

Everise Holdings (Everise) announced today it will partner with Microsoft to develop and roll out an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to disrupt the Contact Center and Business Process Outsour...

18 Dec 2017

Five Steps to Training Employees to Transform Customers into Fans

Your company has built a culture committed to creating “fans” from its customers. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a local retailer, you’ve hand-picked the right people to he...

11 Dec 2017

C3/CustomerContactChannels Sets Strategic Course for 2018 One Year After Ownership Change

When Singapore-based Everise acquired U.S.-based C3/CustomerContactChannels a year ago, it did so with a vision to be a disruptive force in the customer service industry.  Sudhir Agarwal, who ...

13 Nov 2017

Five Tips to Turning Employees and Customers into Fans: One Encounter at a Time

What makes you a “fan” of your favorite sports team, band, or restaurant or hotel brand? What does each do that moves you to pay to experience an encounter, or post positive comments on...

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