Communications & Media Services

Tough competition and rapid technological changes in the Communications and Media industry have created challenging market conditions. How can firms drive customer loyalty, increase satisfaction and grow subscribers – without unsustainable acquisition costs? C3/CustomerContactChannels has the experience and market discipline to deliver on critical performance indicators, such as First Call Resolution, Customer Satisfaction and Handle time. Our innovative approach and deep executive involvement translate to bottom line results for clients operating in a global marketplace.

Delivering Vital Needs

  • Customer Acquisition: C3 provides direct sales, account set up, subscription sales, contract renewals and upgrades via inbound and outbound channels
  • Customer Service: Support includes general account maintenance and customer care, billing support, repair/technical support, installation scheduling, warranty support, and retention/save services
  • Cross-sell, Upsell & Loyalty: Proactive communications for new products and bundled services, incentive offers and customer satisfaction calls delivers a superior customer experience that increases lifetime customer value, loyalty and retention.
  • Web Communications: Web-based solutions include online product comparisons, Email Management, Click to Chat, Click to Talk, Social Media Monitoring Solutions, and Web Self Service.