C3 awards new car to over-performing employee

Nov 5, 2016

Through an C3/CustomerContactChannels employee incentive and reward contest, Taylor Shelley won a new 2016 Nissan Versa.
C3/CustomerContactChannels, a global provider of outsourced business processes, has made employee benefits and perks central to engaging, hiring, retaining and driving peak performance among associates at its Tahlequah contact center.

The company has been recognized for creating a workplace culture unlike any other in its industry.
"We are constantly thinking of progressive ways to make our workplace fun and exciting, and today we're taking it to a new level," said Abbie Littleton, Tahlequah site director, on Oct. 31. "We are going to be awarding a brand-new car to one of our highest achieving associates in Tahlequah over the next few weeks."

C3, which is in the midst of a corporate-wide hiring boom, gave away a 2016 Nissan Versa to employee Taylor Shelley. All employees who hit certain performance-based milestones earned at least one ticket to be entered into the raffle for the new car. C3 had a drawing and one winner at each of its U.S. locations.

Such incentive programs, atop traditional benefits packages that include health insurance and 401(k), help attract applicants to fill the new contact center positions at Tahlequah, said Rick Ferry, C3's president and chief operating officer.

"C3 is a progressive-minded company that attracts the industry's finest and highest-qualified candidates to our contact centers in the U.S. and abroad," Ferry said. "We have recognized the importance of attracting and retaining good employees through some traditional methods such as benefits, career pathing and training. But we also like to get creative with special contests and incentives, such as giving away a new car. We have created an environment where associates love to come to work and never know what to expect to next."

C3 operates contact centers in Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma in the United States, and in the Philippines, Bulgaria, and Guatemala outside of the U.S.

At this moment, C3 is seeking to hire nearly 4,000 people to meet the demands of new client engagements and new assignments from existing clients, especially those in the healthcare industry that are ramping up for fall insurance enrollments.

C3 provides a full range of customer contact management services for clients in the health care, financial services, telecommunications, energy and utilities, media, travel, hospitality and government services industries, from both U.S. and international locations. C3's founders are pioneers in the industry, having grown global BPO companies.