C3 Labs

At C3, we’re innovators, pioneers and advocates tasked with furthering our clients’ missions. Our pursuit of a new direction away from “business as usual” has led to such concepts as C3 Labs, our in-house solution incubator. This division creates, nurtures and beta-tests new and never-before-tried technologies and solutions. Its purpose: To provide added value to clients who trust C3 not to stay ahead of trends, but to be the trendsetter in customer communication channels, contact center technologies, and optimization solutions.

C3 Labs develops new ways to drive service, exceed sales performance objectives, support front-line representatives with efficiency tools, and excel in every aspect of our service delivery model. Every new development we discover or dream up at C3 Labs soon becomes one of the tools at our disposal to help clients achieve even better results. It’s not just about staying ahead of the competition. It’s about leading the pack.

One such output of C3 Labs is our Interactive Web Response Solution which takes web service and sales to high levels.C3 Labs