C3 Overview

C3/CustomerContactChannels creates fans for our clients.  We are a unique provider of outsourced customer management solutions. We boast over three decades’ of experience, but we’re proud to say that we do not follow conventional approaches to managing customer relationships.

Our Brand Promise: We strive to create FANS, not just satisfied clients and customers. 

To do this, we think and act differently.  In an industry that is be somewhat antiquated, C3 is disruptive.  We apply unconventional thinking to each and every client relationship and add value as we build clients’ FAN bases.  Satisfied customers are at risk of leaving our clients.  FANS are loyal, enthusiastic, and not easily swayed. 

Building FANS directly impacts our clients’ bottom line.  That’s our goal.

Our process is simple.  Senior Experience Leaders are hands on.  Entrepreneurs at heart, we live our clients’ business. We learn their needs and pain points and apply unique customer solutions as if the business were our own.  We rely on real time data and technology to keep a pulse on the customer experiences that lead to FAN status.

C3 is owned and backed by Everise, a joint venture between key strategic partners – Sunrise BPO and Everstone Group, each of whom are deeply committed both financially and operationally to build, consolidate and create a world class Business Process Organization. Everise, based out of Singapore completed the acquisition of C3 in December 2016 and is deeply vested in the success of C3 and its clients. C3/CustomerContactChannels is unlike any other outsourcer in the market for a variety of reasons:

Industry Experience

C3’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned customer management executives. They’re industry veterans with the dual perspective of both client and outsourcer. Each is uniquely qualified. Each plays a vital, defined role. Together they form a field-tested team of customer management professionals.

Deep Executive Involvement

Clients don’t want vendors. They want partners. That’s what C3 strives to be. We seek meaning in each engagement – with your C3 team viewed as an integral part of your own. We’re committed to the entire client engagement. Senior management is present at business reviews, launch milestones and recognition events. In between, we’re never further than a phone call or email away. Because when we create FANS for our clients, we believe our clients become FANS of C3.

Way of Life

Everyone at C3 is guided by our values of accountability, open communication, and care for our internal and external C3 communities.  We are focused on building a C3 way of life, not just a culture to boast about.  Actions create FANS, not words.  That is our goal.